Wiccan Spells

If you are just getting into wicca, you might be wondering – Why Wiccan Spells? Well, mainly because most spells are of the white magick school (not all!) and are used to gain a benefit without harming anyone. These kind of spells are the most natural ones from all of the neo-pagan and witchcraft religions.

There are two types of Wiccan Spells – White & Black spells. Common rule is the Wiccan threefold law & common spells are Wiccan love spells as well as the Wiccan money spells, but there are plethora of other type of spells too.

Wiccan Spells

What Is The Difference Between Black & White Wiccan Spells

The main difference between the different type of spells is their purpose. The black magick spells invoke kind of evil entities, and their purpose is usually gaining the upper hand in a unnatural way. However, this is not without consequences – you should always remember the 3 fold rule.

The white magic spells are used to gain the upper hand without invoking evilish entities. They are cast in a more natural way, and their final purpose is to gain benefits without harming anything or anyone.

Spell Categories

Love. As stated above, the most commonly casted Wiccan spells are about love and money. Love spells are cast in order to meet up/catch up with the person your heart desires, or to bring back lost love. If you are getting into wicca, you should be cautious if you want to use a spell to bring back a lost love. Most commonly, that kind-of-a-spell can be categorized as a black one, which might have repercussions on you later on. I highly suggest that you try to cast a spell to get over the lost love, and then to spell something to bring in the new love of your love. Once again, be cautious, you have been warned!

Money. Cash, money, pessos, dollars, euros… Who doesn’t need them? But there is no difference with the money spells just as with the love related ones. Be cautious what are you doing and remember that you don’t want to harm anyone. Here is a link to plethora of white spells to bring in some cash flow.

Wiccan Spells Video

The video posted below showcases the most widely recognized wicca and witchcraft symbols from throughout the history of mankind.

You can learn more about the Wicca Religion on the official website or you can continue reading about the Wiccan Symbols.